Welcome to MindFest, the feast of the mind!

Have you ever wondered if you have full control your mind or if sometimes your senses “play games” with you?
Well, we proudly inform you they do are kidding you!
We won’t just stop there! We have picked the best of these games and we’d like to share them with you!

The interactive exhibition MindFest is here, ready to give you a ride to the fascinating world of the mind, to reveal its mysteries, entertain you in ways that you have never imagined by participating in a series of awesome games for children of all ages.

We use the latest modern cognitive science findings, coupled with vivid imagination techniques to offer you a unique, crazy and fun experience that is unlike anything you have ever experienced!

Following this experience, nothing will seem ordinary any more! Even the everyday, boring habits, will reveal their secrets and transform into a magical adventure!

Let’s have fun together, exploring the mind’s potential!